About Skycam Technologies

Skycam Technologies produces high end Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV,Drone),gimbal systems and non-lethal payload solutions for security,civil defense,military and intelligence agencies.

UAV models vary from electrical multi-copters with an endurance of up to 60 mins,tethered systems with unlimited endurance and fixed wing with endurances of up to 20 hrs.

Payload solutions are

  1. X8 drone and SkyGuard payload with daylight/nightvision camera’s and 1W LASER DAZZLER.
  2. XSuper8 drone and SkyGuard payloadwith daylight/nightvision camera’s and 5W LASER DAZZLER
  3. X8 and SkyGuard payload with daylight zoom camera and IMSI/GSM Identity Catcher.
  4. TETHERED X8 with any payload with intelligent winding system and unlimited endurance.

Skycam Technologies has research and development facilities in the Netherlands and main office, sales, marketing and assembling facilities in Dubai. Skycam Technologies has maintenance facilities and training programs in the Gulf, Africa and Europe.